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Our certified educators utilize the Parents as Teachers curriculum to empower parents to be their child’s first and best teacher.

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Parents as Teachers is a nationally recognized program where parent educators go into the home of parents and teach them what to expect as their child develops. This program is based upon the philosophy that a child's parents are his or her first, and most important, teacher. Research shows this program increases school readiness and can be a factor in preventing child abuse. Expectant families and families with children ages birth to kindergarten receive personalized monthly home visits from a trained parent educator. 


Families enrolled in our Little Learners Program can expect the following from their Parent Educator and monthly home visits.

  • Receive periodic developmental screenings. In-home education participants are shown to be more advanced at age three than comparison children in cognitive abilities, and social development.

  • Gain a better understanding of milestones at each developmental stage.

  • Establish connections with additional community resources and services.

  • Receive information and support on the challenges of parenting. 

  • Prepare your child for kindergarten. Research shows that children who participate in in-home education score higher on kindergarten-readiness tests and standard measures of reading, math, and language in grades 1-4. 


The Little Learners Program is proud to serve families within the following school districts and/or counties:


  • Allen County

  • Butler County

  • Logan County

  • Russellville Independent School District

  • Simpson County

  • Warren County

    • North Warren Elementary​

    • Oakland Elementary

    • Richardsville Elementary

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